SOLIS I 80 Double Sided Insert

The SOLIS I 80 double sided stove is a beautiful thing to behold.  With large viewing window and designer glass frame on both sides, the SOLIS double sided range will make any room luxurious.  In addition to heating two rooms with its generous output you can also direct heat into other rooms of the house.


  • External Air supply as standard
  • Ventilation to channel air into other rooms - The SOLIS double sided comes with vents on top which can channel air into other rooms heating more of your home.
  • Fan assisted convection heat allows you to increase heat output to the room when required.
  • Tested & approved to European standard - EN 13229
  • Ecodesign 2022 ready


  • Unpacked Dimensions
    • Height Body 595mm /Frame 725mm
    • Width Body 780mm /Frame 990mm
    • Depth 550mm
    • Weight 125kgs
    • Height To Centre Of Rear Flue 390mm
  • Efficiency
    • Wood 79%
    • Airwash Yes
  • Fuel
    • Wood Yes
  • Flue
    • Top Yes
  • Position
    • Inset Yes
  • Finish
    • Black Yes
  • Function
    • Room Heater Yes

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