S80-90 insert

Attractive fireplace with flat screen effect It’s in-built and it’s big

With a rectangular design in coal-black glass and a size which leaves all other in-built fireplace inserts standing, the Morsø S80-90 is without doubt becoming a sought-after new product among Denmark’s homeowners. The hinges are hidden discretely in the stove’s design, while the large, soot-free glass door ensures a beautiful and uninterrupted view of the flames.

Technical data

  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated combustion air
  • Pre-heated secondary air supply
  • Airwash system
  • Cold handle
  • Tertiary Air
  • Wood
  • EN/N
Energy Performance Labelling Energimærkning
Rated Output (kw) 9
Heats (m2) 75 - 135
Height (mm) 564
Width (mm) 892
Dept (mm) 450
Flue outlet top Ø 150
Flue outlet rear Ø 150
Weight (kg) 120
Chamber Width (cm) 67
Clearance to combustibles
Rear (mm) 200
Sides (mm) 400

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