Opus Calypso Contemporary Boiler Stove

A beautifully designed stove that fills the room with firelight and warmth and at the same time will be quietly heating your domestic hot water and radiators.

Here we have the perfect stove to provide all the heating and hot water needs of a low energy house or for someone who wants to warm their living room while sending heat to other rooms and doing the domestic hot water. At an efficiency of 83.9%, this is an exceptionally well designed stove and ensures that you get the most from every bit of wood that you put into it.

With the trademark Opus good looks and excellent finish, the Calypso becomes the focus of any room that it's in and, once it is lit, the flames dancing behind the big door glass delight the eye as well as warming the room.

This was designed as a wood burning stove for a low energy house or as a passiv house stove. It can take all its combustion air directly from the outside and produces enough heat to water to do the domestic hot water and run a towel rail and a few radiators if it was needed. It deliberately has a low heat output to the room to avoid overheating a well insulated house. If it is installed in a large room a radiator can be put in the same room to increase the heat output in that space.

It is common when putting a woodburning stove in a passiv house or a highly insulated house to feed the boiler directly into a thermal store (or buffer tank). That way most of the heat produced from the stove can be stored until it is needed. It can then be drawn off as hot water for showers etc. or sent to radiators if it was particularly cold.

The Opus calypso is also the perfect stove to be used in conjunction with a solar panel, with the solar panel feeding into the thermal store in summer and the stove feeding into the thermal store in winter. In a passiv style house, or an airtight, well insulated property, the combination of an Opus Calypso stove and a solar thermal panel could well be all the heating and hot water supply that the house needed.



Height 1166mm
Width 565mm
Depth 462mm
Weight 172kg
Flue Diameter 150mm
Fuel Wood Burning
Min Heat Output 2kW
Nominal Heat Output 8.3kW
Efficiency 83.90%
Ecodesign Ready Yes
Energy Efficiency Class A
Airwash Yes
Warranty  5 Years
Nominal Output to Water 4.9kW
Nominal Output to Room 3.4kW
Flue Outlet Top
Direct Air Supply Yes
Can Have 12mm Hearth Yes






Opus Calypso Instruction Manual

Opus Brochure


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