Inset Stove Flue Kit 45° (Screw-FIX) - 150-200 Ø

Insert Stove Kits
Insert Stove Kits allow for an easy installation of an insert stove to a flexible flue liner. All parts are included in the kit and comes with the unique Screw-FIX adaptor to make the connection to the flexible liner easy.

The kits are manufactured from 1mm 316 grade stainless steel and are designed to come straight off the appliance, either top or back opening.

Made from 1mm thick stainless steel grade 316.

Screw the flexible flue liner onto the Screw-FIX adaptor by tightening in a clockwise direction. The adaptor can then be connected to the appliance using the bend section. Seal any connections using fire cement or high temperature sealant.

ONLY to be used when cleaning of the flue can be done through the appliance.

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