Aga Little Wenlock Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

Aga offer you three different versions of their best selling Little Wenlock multi fuel cast iron stove – the original 5.7kW Little Wenlock and the new improved 4.7kW Little Wenlock Classic and its Defra Approved version, the Little Wenlock Classic SE (SE standing for Smoke Exempt). In our opinion the original version is now just too basic for today's stove owner since it doesn't have secondary air (and therefore, no effective air wash) and only offers one combustion air control, and this is essentially only for primary air. Therefore, despite the Aga badge we can't recommend this old-school stove, especially when the two new versions are such a vast improvement and won't cost you much more anyway.

For a start both newer Little Wenlock Classic stoves have retained the iconic good looks of the original with most of the timeless cast iron moulding detail and now feature Aga's latest clean burn combustion technology (the Active Air Wash System) with separate controls for the primary and secondary air wash to provide precise management of the flame pattern and fuel economy, whether you're burning wood or smokeless mineral fuel. The old arched window which provided such a limited view of the fire and the quirky stepped door base have both gone and have been replaced by an elegant and altogether less fussy door with a much bigger rectangular window aimed at giving you a much better view of the fire.

When burning wood the efficiency for the Little Wenlock Classic model is an excellent 81.2% which gives it an ErP rating of A+. However on the Defra Approved Classic SE this efficiency has taken a bit of a hit (71.4% / ErP A) at the expense of cleaner burning and the reductions in emissions required to satisfy the stringent Defra criteria which allows you to legally burn wood in a Smoke Control Area (most urban areas). The good news is that this ensures that the SE will be so much easier to maintain a very clean glass (providing your wood isn't wet), not that there's anything wrong with the effectiveness of the basic Classic's airwash. The sub-5kW heat output for both models means that for most pre-2008 houses you won't need to install a dedicated air vent to comply with building regulations. Both stoves have top or rear flue outlets of 125mm diameter and therefore the SE Defra version will also allow you to save some more costs since, being Defra Smoke Exempt, the liner can also be 125mm. Not so the non-Defra Classic which would have to use 150mm liner to comply with regulations. So, some good reasons for not ruling out the SE altogether, whether or not you live in a Smoke Control Area.

Reassuringly, like all Aga high quality stoves, the Classic and the Classic SE are Hetas approved appliances and also come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Being virtually hand made and of all-cast iron construction (and even heavier than the original) they're great at slowly releasing stored heat long after the fire has gone. Cool touch handle and an externally ridded multi fuel grate with an interchangeable flat wood burning plate all add to the user-friendly multi fuel credentials of these classic compact stoves. If your room is of average size with a typical fireplace setting and you want that traditional wood burner look then the stylish Aga Little Wenlock Classic will make the perfect choice.

Code AG-0001
Heat Output 5Kw
Efficiency 79.4%
Energy Efficiency Class  A
Width 400mm
Height 535mm
Depth 415mm
Height To Centre Of Rear Flue 445mm
Weight 66Kg
Flue Diameter 125mm (5”)
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Cast Iron Or Steel Cast Iron

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