Aga Ellesmere EC4 Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

There are three different heat outputs available in Aga's new Ellesmere stove range with the 4.5kW Ellesmere 4 probably being the most practical for the average living space.

Defra Approved and featuring the clean lines of a thick plain steel body and flat top with the best of the design detail reserved for the handsome contemporary styled cast iron door featuring a larger than average window to allow you a virtually uninterrupted view of the whole of the fire chamber as well as the fire bed. Even the quirky looking minimal fire fence has been carefully considered so that it doesn't spoil this view. Whichever Ellesmere model you settle on each one will provide you with an attractive combination of unique modern looks and well-balanced proportions that will look great in any fireplace.

In terms of operation, there's just one user-friendly slider control at the base just below the door to provide the Ellesmere with the correct mix of primary and secondary combustion air, whether you're burning wood or smokeless mineral fuel. Uniquely, this chromed control, when pushed or pulled, also allows you to seamlessly switch the grate between the flat closed bed required for burning wood to an open grate with the air passages necessary for burning smokeless coal. The operating tool provided allows you to externally riddle this grate from the stoves's right hand side to promote a good supply of combustion air which will encourage efficient smokeless coal burning should that be your fuel choice.

Aga's very effective Active Airwash System will help maintain clean glass and provide a clear view of the wonderful totally controllable flame patterns. The minimal door frame and wide fire chamber opening will make loading whichever Ellesmere you choose very easy and practical with fuel efficiencies amongst the very best you can get with all three models being around the 82% mark for burning wood and up to an excellent 79% for smokeless fuels – a clear testament to the capability of Aga's great clean burn combustion technology. There's a rear heat shield as standard and all three models are suitable for placing on a 12mm hearth.

To sum up, there are some who would argue that on a stove you're actually just paying for the AGA name, but we don't think so. In The Stove Yard's opinion the Ellesmere is a much better modern radiant multi fuel stove than most and for a very reasonable price too and should definitely be one to consider.

Important note: The Ellesmere range all feature 150mm (6") diameter flue outlets including the 4.5kW Defra Approved Ellesmere 4 which means that the minimum size connecting flue pipe, twin wall or flue liner must also be 150mm diameter and therefore the Building Regulation Defra 125mm flue diameter exception must not be applied.



Output (wood) E4: 4.5kW  E5: 5.2kW  E6: 5.9kW
Output (smokeless) E4: 3.8kW  E5: 5.0kW  E6: 6.4kW
Efficiency E4: 81.9%  E5: 81.9%  E6: 82.4%
Defra Approved
Wood & smokeless coal only
Airwash Yes
Air Controls Single control
Construction Steel Body/Cast Door
Flue Outlet
Top or Rear
Flue Size
150mm/6” (All models)
Grate Type
Multi-fuel external riddling
Guarantee 5 Years
Additional Finishes
Max. Log Length
Varies per model
Weight E4: 130  E5: 160  E6: 190
Air Vent Required
Subject to output of stove (above 5kW) and regulations.
ErP Energy rating
All models A+



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