28.07.17 Look for the signs...

Posted on July 28, 2017
Archive : July 2017
Category : Wood Burning Stoves

Research has shown that if you buy your logs on an ad hoc basis from your local wet and windy garage forecourt then, despite what it says on the label, the chances are that they'll have a higher moisture content than that recommended by your stove manufacturer and won't give out anything like the heat they would if the logs were fully seasoned. Now all of that is about to change. The 'Ready to Burn' symbol, which you will start to see on pre-packed logs, will be your guarantee that the logs and firewood inside, will be suitable to burn as soon as you get them home. So look for the signs and say "good-bye" to wet logs as well as all of the problems they can cause including the harmful effects thay have on local air quality. The Ready To Burn scheme has the backing of HETAS, the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) and large producers of pre-packed woodfuel. Naturally, The Stove Yard think the scheme is a great idea too! Find out more about the Ready to Burn scheme and its benefits by clicking here.