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Posted on January 25, 2017
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...for all those planning a shed with a stove. Whilst we're sure you'll take notice of the manufacturer's declared minimum distances to combustible materials there's a new fire retardant product which could also provide you with a bit more peace of mind. HR Prof Fire Retardant for Wood has a higher reaction to fire resistance requirements having been comprehensively assessed against EN13501-1:2007-A1:2009, EN 13501-2:2007+A1:2009. It can be used both inside or outside, is water based and eco friendly and is also very easy to apply by spray, brush or roller. Don't forget you should ensure your stove has been genuinely EN13240 tested so that you can rely on the declared minimum distances to combustible materials which are an important part of the safety test. Remember too that declared distances are actually 'minimums', so always allow more safe space whenever you can and don't forget to ensure that the minimum safe distances apply to your flue pipe which could easily reach temperatures of 500ºC plus. If in doubt seek professional advice. For further information on HR Prof fire retardant visit www.fireretardantuk.com.

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