16.02.18 At last, a good news story...

Posted on February 16, 2018
Archive : February 2018
Category : Wood Burning Stoves

And one that the good old British press is unlikely to cover: The Mayor of London has endorsed the use of Defra and Ecodesign wood burning stoves in London as well as the 'Ready to Burn' dry firewood scheme. Previous high profile stories indicated that Sadiq Khan intended to ban wood burning in the capital altogether but as we understand it this was never the case. His actual intention is clamp down on illegal wood burning – that is, burning wood in highly inefficient open fires or stoves which are not clean burning Defra Smoke Exempt Appliances and / or burning highly polluting wet wood in contravention of the Clean Air Act. As we've said previously these people get the good stove owners a bad name. So finally, some very welcome common sense from the powers that be. Check out our Ecodesign and Defra Approved stoves here.

Woodsure Ready to Burn, supported by the Mayor of London (.pdf)