15.11.14 Dan Skan, a giant leap

Posted on November 15, 2014
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Category : Wood Burning Stoves

OK, so they landed a spacecraft on a comet – but have you heard about Dan Skan's space-aged IHS Autopilot stoves? Two have just landed at The Stove Yard showrooms and they're both fully operational, no problems. They're already sending signals back to our remotes and the flame pictures are out of this world. You don't have to travel light years to see them either, call into our Cheshire and County Down showrooms and witness them at first hand. Enough of the dreadful puns already... tell us about the stoves

The New Dan Skan IHS Autopilot intelligent heat system 
Developed in conjunction with the Technical University of Copenhagen, Dan Skan's latest innovation, the patented IHS Autopilot, is the ultimate option for user-friendly stove operation whilst at the same time maximising fuel efficiency and optimising environmentally friendly burning. But the best bit is that you automatically always get the perfect flame pattern wherever you are in the burn cycle and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your stove, adding logs when the stove gently reminds you that they're needed to maintain the room temperature that you've set.

Surely the IHS Autopilot can't be that simple?
Well, actually it really is that simple and it's much smarter than your average stove user too. That's because it delivers the perfect mix of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Combustion Air continually adjusting the balance of all three, whether maximum air is needed for initial combustion or whether it's at the end ofthe fuel load when a different balance is required and not so much air is needed. 

Wood is sustainable but there's no need to waste it.
If you're like most of us you've decided to invest in a new stove precisely to save money on heating. That's where Dan Skan's IHS Autopilot can really help you. It automatically gets to grips with wringing out every last calorie of heat from your logs by delivering the ideal mix of combustion air to maximise fuel efficiency. And when you don't need your room to be so hot it will slow down the fuel consumption and reduce the heat output so that none of your fuel is ever wasted. When a Dan Skan stove is fitted with the IHS Autopilot not only can you always be sure that it's going to perform perfectly but you can be sure that it's also going to out-perform virtually every other stove on the planet when it comes to efficiency and environmental credentials.

The Dan Skan IHS Autopilot really does make life so much easier for you. No wonder Dan Skan call it the inteligent heat system.