15.10.14 Read that stove handbook

Posted on October 15, 2014
Archive : October 2014
Category : Wood Burning Stoves

...and make the most of your stove as well as doing your bit for air quality. 
New research commissioned by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) and just released, shows that one in five stove owners are unsure of how to use their stoves properly. Given that minimising the amount of smoke a stove produces when burning wood is subject to the law, particularly so in Smoke Control Areas (which most of us live in), its correct operation is therefore critical to the quality of the air that we breath and whether the stove owner is actually breaking the law or not. Even if a stove is a clean burning Defra exempt appliance (also known as Defra Approved stove) the onus is still on the operator not to create harmful emissions or nuisance smoke wherever they live. Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs) themselves take great pains to ensure that as part of their appliance exemption process that the stove's handbook provides all of the information the owner needs to make sure they can operate their stove efficiently to minimise smoke. So if you think that you could do things better, then the handbook (if you've still got yours) is the best place to start but, it's also good to know that the SIA website has, you could say, the definitive version of how to light a stove and operate it – plus a wealth of other useful stove-related information.

Source: The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA)

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