05.06.15 Hearth & Home – it's as hot as hell

Posted on June 5, 2015
Archive : June 2015
Category : Stove Yard Group

At some time from this Sunday until Tuesday most of The Stove Yard showroom staff from both Cheshire and County Down will be visiting the stove industry's big trade show, Hearth & Home in Harrogate. It's usually held during one of the hottest periods of the year and it's made even hotter with all the different companies' live stove displays pumping out heat all day long – it's enough to drive you to drink. However that won't stop us all sweating hard to find you the next big thing as well as the very best of the new stoves and fireside products. We already have a few excellent new brands lined up and we'll confirm these over the next few weeks. Meanwhile our showrooms are both open as normal (closed Sundayl) even though some of the team on duty may well be feeling a little bit delicate. Watch this space.