Christmas Break Opening Times

Posted on December 19, 2014
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We are closed from noon on Friday 19th December until 9.30am Monday 5th January. The web store is open over the holiday break as usual, although goods will not be dispatched until Monday 5th at the earliest. Emails will be monitored throughout the break.


NEVER use your stove if smoke or fumes are emitted into the house
If your wood burner or multi fuel stove has been properly installed, operated and maintained then it should not emit fumes or smoke into the room it’s installed in or any other part of the house. Occasionally you may briefly get fumes during refuelling or when you remove ash (which is not actually recommended when the stove is lit). Some manufacturer’s advice states that you may also get fumes from the stove paint as it cures during the first four or five firings.

Persistent fume or smoke emission is potentially lethal and must never be tolerated. If fume or smoke emission does persist, or the CO (Carbon Monoxide) Alarm sounds, then the following immediate emergency action should be taken:
  • Open doors and windows to thoroughly ventilate the room and then evacuate the premises
  • Ensure that the stove door is closed and let the stove fire go out
  • When the stove is cold check for a flue or chimney blockage (especially above the baffle plate and around the flueway) and clean if required
  • Do not attempt to relight the fire until the cause of the fume emission has been identified and corrected. If necessary seek expert advice from a registered Hetas Installer, your stove dealer or a reputable Chimney Sweep

NEVER use your stove if the CO alarm sounds
Please follow the instructions above.

NEVER use your boiler stove if the pipes are frozen
If there is a possibility that part of the heating system may be frozen you should not light the stove until you are confident that the system is free of ice, has no leaks and that the water can fully circulate.