26.09.18 WARNING: Dangerous CO Detectors

Posted on September 26, 2018
Archive : September 2018
Category : News

It's that time of year when we begin to fire up our central heating and also light our fires and stoves again. It's essential then that we also check our CO detectors. October's Which? magazine tests 10 readily available CO detectors and comes to some startling conclusions. Four of the models they tested are downright dangerous, with one model failing 26 of its 33 tests. Some were so deadly that Which? has succeeded in getting Amazon and E-Bay to remove them from sale. We're pleased to say that The Stove Yard's Honeywell model is a recommended Which? best buy with zero test failures. So test your CO detector today and if you need to replace it then choose a best buy model like the Honeywell.

The Honeywell XC70 can be purchased here.