20.11.19 Which?: Three years later EBAY still selling killer CO and Smoke Alarms

Posted on November 20, 2019
Archive : November 2019
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November's issue of Which? consumer magazine devotes three pages to dodgy CO and Smoke Alarms which they say are still being sold on E-Bay, despite them having raised the issue with the website some three years ago. The Stove Yard also highlighted these killer alarms through our news section when we read the first Which? expose and we find it appalling that people's lives are still being put at risk by the continued sale of knowingly dangerous products. Which? are not only pointing the finger at E-Bay but also the unscrupulous Chinese sellers. They found that 19 of the 20 sellers of one of the most dangerous unbranded alarms were based in China or Hong Kong and carried UK or Union Jacks on their product photographs. These alarms are the homeowner's most important line of defence against potential fatal carbon monoxide (CO) release and house fires. Check yours now – if in doubt chuck them out and get genuine replacements from a reputable company. We thoroughly recommend any from Honeywell or Fireangel.

Source: Which? www.which.co.uk