17.02.15 Snow, floods & 80mph winds coming

Posted on February 17, 2015
Archive : February 2015
Category : News

According to today's Daily Express interpretation some of us are in for some seriously awful weather towards the end of the week – hard to believe as I am writing this in sun-kissed blue-skyed Cheshire. Apparently it's all down to a nasty Atlantic front moving in our direction and bringing with it freezing temperatures and an awful lot of rain. Strong winds and high spring tides are being thrown in for good measure. The Met Office's latest outlook for the UK expects bands of rain or showers moving across the UK on Thursday and Friday, with colder showery weather following from the northwest on Saturday and wind and wintry showers across northern Britain. Whatever way you look at it, it's naff enough to simply stay indoors with a good movie/book/friend/stove.

Source: The Daily Express and the Met Office (click to read more)