16.02.17 Who will win the Oscar for Best Green Movie?

Posted on February 16, 2017
Archive : February 2017
Category : News

Sadly there isn't one actually, but we think that there should be and so does Edie Newsroom, the sustainable business news service. They've produced a list celebrating the best climate change cinema of the last year. Leo's in there for his National Geographic documentary and Both Emma Thompson and Emma Watson get a mention as does Al Gore. However, we'd happily award the Green Oscar to Canadian filmmaker and academy award winner James Cameron (Avator, The Terminator, Titanic) for his 'Not Reality TV' featuring a stellar cast of A-Listers including Sigourney Weaver, Jack Black and Don Cheadle and many others. Cameron's 'Years of Living Dangerously' series with Harrison Ford and Matt Damon was recently posted on Youtube and has also been very well received. He'd definitely make a worthy winner.

Source: Edie Newsroom – to see Edie's full list of nominations please click here.