09.06.16 Hetas Upholding Standards

Posted on June 9, 2016
Archive : June 2016
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In their June newsletter Hetas, the official body which approves solid fuel heating appliances and the the registration of competent installers, CEO Bruce Allen talks candidly about Hetas's tough 'policing' procedure and their work with Trading Standards

"We are working harder than ever to promote the HETAS Registered Installers and Approved Appliances to consumers. We see and hear of poor installations by non-registrants and talk to consumers who report bad experiences with products and/or installations that are not safe or compliant. That is why we are now working closely with Trading Standards to deal with some of the more serious cases" said Bruce.

It's reassuring for prospective stove buyers to note that in respect of Hetas registered installers who have failed to uphold the scheme's usual high standards, Hetas have been quick to act. So far this year Hetas have suspended some 22 registrations while they investigated problems and as a result of its investigations, 9 installers were removed from the Hetas register. The rest have been either asked to retrain, or been given some other sanction designed to support improvement. During this process they are regarded as on 'conditional registration' so that Hetas can inspect and monitor them more closely.

It's worth pointing out that the majority of registered installers (some 2,000 of them) do a great job for their customers and strive for very high standards and it's why The Stove Yard are proud to support Hetas and the good work that they do for the industry.

Source: Hetas Trade Newsletter (June 2016)