19.04.16 National Audit Office say why Green Deal failed

Posted on April 19, 2016
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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the Green Deal failed in terms of value for money, but after many months that's now the official conclusion of the National Audit Office (NAO). However they're talking about value for money for the tax payer but the reality is the Green Deal never represented good value for the householder either as the apparent money-saving benefits from investing in renewable energy and energy-saving home improvements could never be delivered until these had been paid for by the 'loan' and not until after very many years. The point was that it was meant to reduce the financial burden for adopting improvements, but energy bills stayed the same. So where's the incentive for the hard-pushed people it was aimed at? Poor management, high interest rates, limits to the amounts that could be borrowed and lack of incentives were the reasons householders couldn't be tempted say the NAO. The Green Deal closed nearly a year ago but the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) launched at the same time as Green Deal, to provide grants to low-income households and people living in older properties, will continues until March next year.

Source: Energy & Environment Management – to read the complete EAEM story please click here

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