12.01.16 Wood still best renewable energy

Posted on January 12, 2016
Archive : January 2016
Category : Environment

You would think that with all of the recent talk of climate change in Paris and the widespread Christmas flooding here that there would be greater Government incentives for the homeowner to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in some form of renewable energy. Unfortunately as the problem gets worse we seem, as a country, to be burying our heads even deeper in the mud.

The abandonment of the government's flag ship Green Deal (a real damp squib from the start) and the constant tinkering downwards of feed-in tariffs (FITs) has only served to muddy the water even further for renewables like solar and pellets. However, the humble wood burner, with it's time-served green credentials, remains the one sustainable energy source whose success continues unabated.

Stuv 16-in

That's probably because the wood burning stove's popularity has never been driven by government subsidies, but by the recognition that its basic technology not only works every time to deliver cheap and abundant heat but will also provide your home with a welcoming focal point as well as benefit you from one of life's ancient pleasures – relaxing in front of heart-warming living flames. The health-giving benefits of this simple act having been scientifically proven.

So what's it to be – ugly solar, complicated pellet or tried and tested wood? With beautifully reliable wood burners to suit every home and every budget, as well as expert advice from specialist installers at The Stove Yard, I know where I'd put my money (and my feet up).