06.06.17 UK leads EU emissions reductions...

Posted on June 6, 2017
Archive : June 2017
Category : Environment

That's despite the overall increase in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 etc) across the European Union. This is the first recorded increase in EU emissions in five years and was largely down to a colder European winter in 2015 and an increase in road transport, possibly driven by economic growth. The UK has shown the largest decline in emissions of any member state (3.7%) whilst at the same time 19 countries saw theirs rise with the Netherlands, Italy and Spain showing the largest increases. In a different report by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit it was found that, out of the G7 nations, we've been the most successful one at 'decoupling' our emissions growth from our economic growth over the past 25 years. However, like the rest of the EU, the UK still struggles with the individual EU emissions targets for transport and heat. So it's good to know that your much-loved wood burner is playing its own small part in helping the UK to switch from the emissions-emitting fossil fuel heat from oil, gas and coal.

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