01.11.16 Trees are best at cutting air pollution

Posted on November 1, 2016
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Trees are definitely the future. A new study of 245 cities around the world suggests that planting lots of trees is a really cheap and effective way to help combat urban air pollution. The report says that the average urban tree can reduce the airborne particulate matter (PM) near itself by between 7% and 24%. PM is the millions of microscopic particles floating around in the air, some of which then become trapped in people's lungs when they breathe the polluted air. London's trees have been estimated to deliver 'at least £133 million' of benefits each year including air pollution removal, carbon sequestration and reducing the amount of water going into the drains to help avoid flooding. Sadly, the report also points out that of the 245 cities studied most were actually losing more trees than they were gaining.

Source: BBC News – to read the complete BBC story please click here.

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