31.10.14 Boo!

Posted on October 31, 2014
Archive : October 2014
Category : Energy News

With Halloween upon us the prophets of doom have been scaring us good and proper with talk of a serious risk of electricity blackouts due to the UK’s spare generating capacity shrivelling to a miserable 4% this winter. And then there are those who say it's unlikely the lights will actually go out. However, it seems there are not many takers for that particular view and many people are simply voting with their feet. Only yesterday UrbanWind, the sustainable wind technology experts, reported an immediate 20% increase in wind turbine enquiries from a worried public losing faith in the National Grid’s ability to meet all of their electricity requirements. We've also been rather busy too. These days nobody should need reminding about the unique benefits renewables can deliver (and that includes wood burning stoves) as the only genuine route to complete energy independence, but a spooky Halloween story or two along the way won’t do the renewables case any harm. So who's afraid of the dark then?

Source: Renewable Energy Installer