27.01.16 Huge shortfall in UK power in next 10 years

Posted on January 27, 2016
Archive : January 2016
Category : Energy News

This is the warning from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in their new report 'Engineering the UK Electricity Gap'. The report warns that the energy gap could be as great as 55% and will be caused by the Government's closure of all coal fired power stations by 2025 – just nine years away, as well as the phasing out of our ageing nuclear power plants. The really worrying part is that, according to the report, the Government's current policies make it almost impossible for the UK to bridge the gap in the coming decade. A decision has been delayed by EDF on whether to invest in up to a third of the costs in the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station, which, if it ever happens, will provide 7% of the UK's electricity. It all makes for pretty gloomy reading, especially as all of this will increase our reliance on electricity imports and mean that we end up paying more than we need to.

In addition, any spare capacity we currently have during the winter months is already amongst the tightest it has ever been. The Institute also urges the Government to look at incentives which would encourage consumers to reduce their demand for electricity. So why not start now and see how much you could save by adopting some of the very simple measures outlined on the Energy Saving Trust website. If you believe the report, you might as well start getting used to the idea...

Source: Utility Week and the BBC. To read the complete Utility Week story please click here.