25.07.17 How much are you willing to pay to avoid blackouts?

Posted on July 25, 2017
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That's the question former Conservative MP and member of parliament's energy and climate change committee, Laura Sandys, says needs to be asked now. Each winter the UK's low energy reserves and our energy security comes under scrutiny and each year we somehow manage to sail through it all by the skin of our teeth. Realistically this has to be down to our recent mild winters and not through any strategic planning – and there's no guarantee that we'll always be that lucky. Amazingly some people say that they wouldn't actually be too bothered about the odd power cut. Really? In our experience you can bet your bottom dollar a power cut comes just when you really could do without it. For example when you're cooking a meal or about to bath the kids. We've never heard of a convenient power cut. So ask yourself, how much would you actually be prepared to avoid that kind of inconvenience – possibly life-threatening for some people? It's a very good question and one perhaps we'll just have to wait until this winter before we can discover the answer.

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