23.10.14 Spread the Warmth

Posted on October 23, 2014
Archive : October 2014
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Age UK's Spread the Warmth is an integrated campaign to help older people keep warm and well this winter and will provide services as well as free information and advice. As a longer term solution Age UK will campaign for warm homes so that the elderly don’t have to suffer ill health or sometimes even die because of their inefficient cold dwellings. As we get older, our bodies begin to respond differently to the cold and this can increase the likelihood of a heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, and breathing difficulties. Combine this with a fixed pension income and ever-increasing energy costs and you have the perfect recipe for the annual disaster of winter deaths due to living in cold conditions. Sadly, we have some of the worst levels of home energy efficiency anywhere in Europe, with other much colder countries showing significantly lower death rates than us in winter. This is because their homes are better insulated. For more information and advice on financial help and how to stay healthy when it's cold please go to the Age UK website by clicking here.

Source: Age UK and the Big Energy Saving Campaign