19.02.16 Four nuclear stations given reprieve

Posted on February 19, 2016
Archive : February 2016
Category : Energy News

Four of the UK's nuclear power stations, which provide electricity to about a quarter of the country's homes, are to be kept going beyond their original sell-by date, by up to seven years. This comes as concerns grow about a serious energy shortfall when we close down old coal-fired plant by 2025 to meet the UK's agreed carbon emissions reductions targets. EDF, who own the four nuclear power stations, say that following their extensive technical and safety reviews, they can now safely prolong their operating life. EDF also recently postponed making a decision on funding its two thirds of the new Hinckley Point C nuclear power station (greater then the company's entire market value) with industry sources saying that they were struggling to find the money due to losses and delays on two identical plants they are building in other countries. Meanwhile there is no truth in the rumour that shares in duct and gaffer tape makers have risen sharply following EDF's announcement to keep the old stations going longer than was originally thought safe or economical.

Source: BBC News – To read the complete BBC story (and to get a more balanced view) please click here