17.10.16 UK drops out of world top 10 on energy

Posted on October 17, 2016
Archive : October 2016
Category : Energy News

For the last six years we've always been one of the top ten performers in the world regarding energy security, energy costs and the movement to decarbonise the sector, but not any more – we're now ranked 11th. The World Energy Council, which evaluates these kinds of things, has warned about the potential gap in our energy supply and criticised the Government's distinct lack of direction as well as their numerous energy policy about-turns which have created an unprecedented level of uncertainty with potential investors. Whilst the government can be applauded for the wholesale closure of our old coal-fired power stations, the lack of support for the renewables sector, means that we still have a long way to go before their share of the energy mix can ensure our energy security. Since the list was compiled, gas, which accounts for around 50% of our electricity production (much of it imported) has seen a 15-year high spike in its wholesale price. So forget World Cup qualifying, this is the one we really need to qualify for next year.

Source: The Guardian – to read the complete Guardian story please click here