16.08.16 Public support grows for renewables

Posted on August 16, 2016
Archive : August 2016
Category : Energy News

And naturally it's at the expense of fracking and nuclear. This week's YouGov poll has shown that about nearly half of those surveyed would not support fracking in their locality even if the government provided financial incentives to households and communities. This suggests that, when combined with the huge discontent over the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear plant project, the general public are waking up to the cost and environmental benefits of developing a strong renewables energy mix and the energy independence that it can also provide. With Theresa May’s decision to re-examine the case for Hinkley and the Crown Estate’s energy, minerals and infrastructure director putting forward a strong case for offshore wind as the clean and reliable alternative that continues to deliver on time and on budget, perhaps the emphasis is finally shifting. We're proud to say that, of course, the humble wood burner, with its sustainable supply of virtually carbon neutral fuel, will also continue to deliver renewable heat for many households.

Source: Edie Newsroom – to read the complete article please click here. To see the results of the YouGov poll please click here