15.09.14 Black-out warnings

Posted on September 15, 2014
Archive : September 2014
Category : Energy News

The National Grid and Ofgem have been warned of a strong risk of blackouts this Winter after the unexpected loss of 3 GW of electricity generation capacity in recent weeks which has reduced the UK's capacity safety margin. These include fire damage at one coal-fired power plant as well as four nuclear reactors being taken offline due to safety concerns. If these fail to get back into service before the Winter weather sets in then the UK could face the real prospect of power shortages. The Winter of 2015/16 was always forecast to have a high risk of blackouts anyway due to the mandatory shutdown of older plants before new capacity comes online. For this the National Grid are estimating a reduced safety net of around 2-5 per cent spare capacity but this new reduction could now bring this Winter's spare capacity in line with this very tight forecast. In October the National Grid produces its official winter outlook and these latest capacity changes will be included in their review. So watch this space (perhaps by candlelight).

Source: Utility Week

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