08.03.16 Do we really need a new nuclear power station?

Posted on March 8, 2016
Archive : March 2016
Category : Energy News

With yesterday's high profile resignation of EDF's Financial Director who's been somewhat reluctant to write the first cheque for their new Hinckley Point nuclear power station, BBC News provides an in-depth answer to the question a lot of us are thinking: do we actually need it? With electricity reserves at an all-time low (thank goodness for the mild winter), capacity shrinking with the planned mass closure of old coal fired generators and the recent last minute 'we better do something' reprieve of four nuclear stations well past their sell-by dates, you'd be excused for thinking that the UK's energy policy is in a right mess. And you wouldn't be alone. In the last few weeks we've had reports from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the National Infrastructure Commission telling us that we need to get our act together very soon, or else. OK, we've got renewable energy resources increasing every day, but is Hinckley Point the solution or even part of the solution? Read the impartial Auntie Beeb news story here and then decide for yourself.

Source: BBC News and Edie Newsroom