07.10.14 Hydrogen cars get off to a good start

Posted on October 7, 2014
Archive : October 2014
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In the next ten years hydrogen could become a significantly competitive motor vehicle fuel but one of the major barriers preventing it from reaching the mass-market is the high cost of the platinum catalyst used to create the necessary reaction which generates the electricity. Now one possible solution comes from Cheshire-based researchers, Acal Energy who are based in Runcorn, just down the road from The Stove Yard's Cheshire showroom. They've invented a new catalyst which does away with the pricey platinum. In addition simplifying the extraction and storage of the hydrogen also presents a problem however researchers at Glasgow University have also made some promising advances in this area. So it's good to know that future generations could still benefit from all the freedoms that our much-loved cars have given us, but without feeling guilty.

Source: The Energy Saving Trust Blog