07.04.16 Record-breaking year for renewables

Posted on April 7, 2016
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The UK's annual production of climate changing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fell by 4% in 2015 thanks to the increasing uptake of renewable energy production and the decline in the use of coal, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and let's not forget that wood burning stoves are also playing their part in helping to replace CO2-producing gas and oil for carbon neutral wood. However, whether this level of reduction in CO2 can be sustained is anybody's guess, largely due to the Government's unprecedented number of changes to green energy policies. Just today we've learned that the influential Zero Carbon Hub, the official body tasked with ensuring that the new homes industry delivers higher energy efficiency standards, has shut its doors following the Government's decision to stop pursuing zero carbon-homes.

Other data from the DECC report showed that overall electricity generation fell because of a decrease in demand and that renewable electricity accounted for nearly a quarter of what was actually generated – up by 28.8% on the previous year. But let's not get carried away here – fossil fuels are still the UK's main energy source and the green policy changes mentioned previously, like the recent cuts to feed-in tariffs (FiTs), already seem be having a negative impact on the number of new renewable energy installations. Edie Newsroom have produced an excellent comprehensive overview of the DECC data and the UK's changing energy mix and you can see it here.

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Sources: DECC and Edie Newsroom