06.11.14 49% worried about power cuts.

Posted on November 6, 2014
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That's according to DECC's (Department of Energy and Climate Change) latest Public Attitudes Survey. Staggeringly that also means that more than half of the general public are really not that bothered about potential power cuts which could be caused by the UK's shrinking energy supply safety margin. Maybe it's the very mild Autumn weather we've been experiencing recently that's taken people's minds off just how cruel a harsh Winter can be. Or maybe they've already secured some energy independence for themselves and invested in a wood burning stove or other renewable means to help keep them warm and healthy. DECC's survey also says that support for renewable energy over the development of shale gas remains high at 78%. It shows too that opposition to shale gas is now higher than for those who support it.

Source: Utility Week

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