05.12.14 Russia pulls plug

Posted on December 5, 2014
Archive : December 2014
Category : Energy News

Russia has cancelled a planned £25 billion gas pipeline to southern Europe and blames the EU. The Russian president has now set his sites on China since concluding a long-term gas deal with them and has indicated that the European market was no longer that important for Russia. “We will work with other markets and Europe will not receive this gas, at least not from Russia... the EU will not benefit from Russian gas any more. That is their choice" Putin has said. In 2013 30% of Europe's gas was supplied by Russia. The graph (source: Clingendael International Energy Programme) shows how much each European country depends on Mr Putin for its gas supplies and it's good to know that for once it's OK for the UK and Ireland to be firmly at the bottom.

Source: GuardIan, Times, BBC and Clingendael International Energy Programme

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