03.10.18 Northern Ireland black-outs a possibility

Posted on October 3, 2018
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That's according to government officials who are preparing for a 'no deal' Brexit. It wasn't thought that the bi-lateral all-isand agreement between the UK and Ireland, the Single Electricity Market (SEM), would be affected by a no-deal outcome simply because the EU is not directly involved. However, there are some who are claiming that the NI market could experience supply shortages and price increases since the SEM is said to be underpinned by the Internal Energy Market which all EU countries are part of. SEM will publish more details in the next few weeks to clarify the situation. To read the complete 4NI.co.uk article please click here and then file with all of those old 'millennium bug' and 'Elvis is alive' stories.

Source: 4NI.co.uk website

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