03.01.18 UK Gas Prices Still Soaring

Posted on January 3, 2018
Archive : January 2018
Category : Energy News

Since the last Stove Yard news article a couple of weeks ago the price for gas has continued to climb to its highest point for four years. A perfect storm of supply disruptions, including in the UK, Norway and Austria, plus high demand caused by recent cold temperatures, have all added to the pressure on the wholesale prices we have to pay for our European gas imports. Consequently in an effort to satisfy demand our imports from Belgium and Holland are now at maximum levels. On 18th December there was an explosion at an Austrian gas terminal which transports Russian gas – the equivalent of around 10% of Europe's total gas usage. Italy, which depends on this particular terminal, is believed to be about to declare a national state of emergency over its energy supplies. All of which has increased concerns over the viability of our own gas infrastructure.

Source: Edie Newsroom article based on Utilitywise news release. To read the complete Edie story please click here