01.03.18 Hells Bells! Not enough gas? What next, no TV?

Posted on March 1, 2018
Archive : March 2018
Category : Energy News

Well that's what the National Grid has just said might happen at some point today as the 'beast from the east' continues to sink its teeth into us. They're asking their suppliers to give them more gas and at the same time asking the big industrial users to burn less. Demand hit a six-year high yesterday against a background of the extreme weather itself affecting gas supplies and a significant spike in wholesale prices last night. The first of the big gas consumers to be asked to cut back on their use is likely to be the gas fired power stations. I know, how does make any sense? Better throw another ready to burn log on the stove, dig out that old box of Christmas candles and charge the mobile. It could be a very long night.

Source: BBC News – to read the complete story please click here.