19.05.15 China gets its CO2 act together

Posted on May 19, 2015
Archive : May 2015
Category : Climate Change

In the first four months of 2015 China managed to cut its CO2 emissions by some 5% because it reduced the amount of coal it burned by 8%. This reduction is equivalent to all of the CO2 emissions we produce in the UK over the same period. If it continues it could be the largest ever recorded year-on-year reduction by any country. Historically China was alway used as an excuse by many countries to drag their feet on climate change, but this development is seen by many as a real game-changer as we head towards the Paris climate change conference. It has also led experts to once again question the UK's reliance on coal for a third of its electricity generation. So consider this, if China can do it, surely isn't it time we stopped burning coal in our stoves and open fires?

Source: edie newsroom – to read the complete article please click here