18.06.15 'End fossil fuels' says Pope

Posted on June 18, 2015
Archive : June 2015
Category : Climate Change

Six months to go before the UN's ultra-important climate talks in Paris and Pope Francis has added to the big debate saying that fossil fuels should be replaced without delay. The Pope has also urged rich countries to make significant changes in lifestyle and energy consumption to avoid the destruction of the earth's ecosystem, specifically mentioning the melting polar glaciers and the the loss of biodiversity in the Amazonian rain forests. The Pope's comments have been widely welcomed by many environmental groups including the WWF and Greenpeace but criticised by some conservative politicians in the USA who are also trying to undo President Obama's climate policies. Jeb Bush, who is a Republican presidential candidate, and Catholic, has also dismissed the Pope's 192 page missive.

Source: BBC News – to read the complete BBC story please click here