17.04.15 "John Dory and chips please"

Posted on April 17, 2015
Archive : April 2015
Category : Climate Change

According to a University of Exeter study, warming seas due to climate change may well push our traditional chip shop Cod and Haddock off the menu to be replaced with fish such as John Dory, Red Mullet, Gurnard and Sardine. Cod, Haddock and Hake, among others, are expected to head north to the cooler waters well beyond the UK, but local flat fish may be unable to cope with the deeper, rocky northern seas and could become extinct. One Victorian cookery writer said about the John Dory, 'although it is of uninviting appearance (to put it mildly), it is considered by some persons as the most delicious fish.' We say that you're going to need an awful lot of batter to hide that ugly mo's scary looks – it's probably easier to do your bit to help prevent climate change. And make it snappy.

Source: BBC News – to read the complete story (and to see how ugly the John Dory actually is) please click here