03.11.14 Goodbye coal

Posted on November 13, 2014
Archive : November 2014
Category : Climate Change

Burning coal and other fossil fuels should be phased out by the turn of the century according to the latest report by the UN-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They say that most of the world's electricity must be produced by low-carbon sources by 2050 if we are to avoid dangerous and irreversible climate change. At The Stove Yard we've always tried to persuade our customers to only burn wood in their multi fuel stoves and we're pleased to say that resistance to this idea usually quickly disappears when customers realise for themselves that burning wood in a modern stove can be much better (and cheaper), than using their old coal burning or gas fire. Most people who buy multi fuel stoves only ever burn wood in them. Today there are more and more wood burning-only stoves available in the UK, all adding to our industry's green credentials, so perhaps the time is now right for the stove industry to do just that bit more and agree to phase out coal burning stoves altogether and well before legislation forces us all to do it.

Source: BBC News

To read more details about the IPCC's statement on fossil fuels go the BBC News story here