18.03.19 Fossil fuels banned from new homes from 2025

Posted on March 18, 2019
Archive : March 2019
Category : Environment

On Wednesday (13.03.19) the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that fossil fuel heating systems (that's gas, oil and coal) will be banned by 2025, from new homes and is aimed at reducing the country's carbon emissions. This means the end of gas and oil central heating boilers which will are likely to be replaced by air source heat pumps. Although these will be much better for the environment, heat pumps generally produce less heat compared to oil or gas boilers so will probably need larger radiators. They also generally take longer to heat your home and in the winter will often need to be left running all day. For this reason heat pumps tend to be coupled with underfloor heating or warm air heating. This actually makes installing a modern ultra-low emissions Ecodesign wood burning stove, that is also virtually carbon neutral, a seriously attractive proposition to help fill the potential heat gap.