Gas Stove Running Costs

How much does it cost to run a gas stove or fire?

Like a regular wood burner this will depend on the fuel input, the efficiency and how that efficiency is affected by the way the gas stove is flued. Currently (September 2017) gas is about three to four times cheaper than electricity at approximately 12.3 pence per kWh (kilowatt hour) for example from Scottish Power, depending on exactly what tariff you're on. Appliance efficiency is based on the percentage difference between the gas input (100% – how much gas the appliance actually uses) measured against how much heat output the appliance provides for the gas it burns. Remember, with certain safety and installation restrictions that it is not always possible to have a free choice in the way that your new gas stove is flued and you shoud therefore only compare the running costs of appliances with like-for-like flue types – conventional, balanced or flueless. In general, a balanced flue appliance which only needs an outside wall is more efficient than one that must use a conventional Class 1 or 2 Chimney and a flueless appliance (because of its catalytic converter) is 100% efficient, but not all rooms can safely have one.

We have produced some general cost guidelines in the table below.