Dalriada Festival BBQ Competition

Update Thank you to all visitors and competitors at the Dalriada show. We had a fantastic time and hopefully we'll be back!

The first annual Big Green Egg BBQ Competition at Sea Bangor 2016 was a roaring success. Thousands of spectators passed by to see our amazing competitors prepare and cook some wonderful dishes. Great food and great craic was had by all.

The competition was so popular that we’ve decided to hold another one at this year’s DALRIADA FESTIVAL in Glenarm on 16th-17th July. And we’ll be giving away the same crazy prizes, including another LARGE BIG GREEN EGG!

We want to showcase the best local food from the best local BBQ chefs. We want to be surprised and excited; as such the competition will be “freestyle”. We would like you to prepare your best chicken dish, your best pork dish and your best beef dish. Your dishes can be as wide ranging and diverse as pork ribs, chicken wings, beef burgers, chicken tikka skewers, pork chops or steak. The choice is completely up to you. As long as they are all presented at some point within the 3 hour time frame.

At Sea Bangor, we were absolutely blown away by the standard of which was produced by amateurs and professionals alike. In fact, the winner was an amateur who had never cooked on an Egg before! We’re looking for the competitors to show us just how delicious BBQ food can be.

Each competitor will be supplied a Large Big Green Egg, a work station and a gas hob. Staff from The Stove Yard will be on hand to assist with lighting and setting up the Eggs and guiding the competitors on how to use the Eggs to bring their dishes to life. Official Big Green Egg organic lumpwood charcoal will be provided. Competitors must bring their own smoking chips if required.

The Big Green Egg is capable of slow cooking, smoking, roasting, baking and searing – with either direct or indirect heat. Please visit www.biggreenegg.co.uk or come into the showroom if you’d like to find out more about using Egg before the competition.

Competitors will be split into two groups with the first 4 cooking on Saturday and the remaining 4 cooking on Sunday.

Each dish will be scored out of 100 by a panel of judges. The highest score will be awarded the title of “Dalriada Festival Big Green Egg BBQ Champion” and will receive a Large Big Green Egg worth over £1000. Second place will receive a Big Green Egg Minimax worth £550. Third place will receive a Big Green Egg Premium BBQ Tool Set.

Overview: 3 Dishes; 1 Beef, 1 Chicken and 1 Pork all in 3 hours. 


1. Applications must be submitted via The Stove Yard website by Thursday 7th July. Applicants will be chosen and notified on Friday 8th July.
2. Cooking will begin at 12:00 noon on each day. Competitors should arrive approximately an hour early to set up and get familiar with the equipment. Please note it may take 15-30 minutes for the Egg to reach the desired temperature.
3. All cooking must be done live, and the meat must be cooked on the Big Green Egg. Pre-cooked meat is prohibited.
4. Basic utensils will be provided but it is recommended that competitors bring their own specialised utensils if necessary. A full list of available equipment will be provided to successful applicants before the competition.
5. Sides and Garnishes can be made and will be taken into account by the judges, if it is on the plate - it will be judged.
6. Points will be deducted severely for anything that is dangerously undercooked (e.g. chicken) so it highly recommended competitors bring their own temperature probe.
7. Pre-marinating or pre-rubbing of the meat is permitted so long as the marinade or rub recipe is provided.
8. Sauces must be made on the day and recipe provided.
9. Presentation of the 3 completed dishes must be during allotted cooking time, between 12:00 noon and 3:00pm. One chicken, one pork and one beef dish must be presented to the judges.
10. The judges will be independent and their decisions will be final.
11. Winners will be announced at 4:00pm on Sunday.

Example Scorecard

Each dish will be judged and marked according to the following criteria.

The new addition to this from Sea Bangor is the Knowledge and Explanation section, this is to allow contestants to explain where the food comes from, how it was prepared and how it was cooked.