Fondis Stella 3

Stella III Inset Stoves

Stella III is the very latest range of wood burning inset stoves from Fondis, the inset specialist, and sets their already high standards for insets even higher. There is a choice of five different sized models, from the elegantly tall V350 to the super metre-wide H1000. Then there's also the double-sided Stella III H700. All feature comparatively bigger windows than previously because of the new frameless Visioceram® self-cleaning glass doors and slimmer minimalist framework – in fact, they really are an architect's or interior designer's dream inset stove because all you virtually end up seeing is pure flame. In addition, if you really can't bare to be without an open fire, the unique Fondis Smoke Bypass System, which is designed to avoid smoke entering the room, means you can safely leave the Stella III's concealed guillotine door fully open and use the fire chamber as a beautifully big open fireplace.

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