We're pleased to say that many current models of wood burning and multi fuel boiler stoves are going to be for sale until at least the end of 2021, subject to availability, so at the moment you still have a good choice and it's still okay to install them. After that date all solid fuel boiler stoves must conform to the 2022 Ecodesign Regulation which will involve them being tested to ensure that they pass much tougher emissions levels. In reality this will mean that many best-selling boiler stoves, like the powerful Olymberyl Aiden (Ireland's biggest selling boiler stove) for example, are unlikely to meet the new standards because of the way that they have been designed. The good news is that there are already a number of leading manufacturers who have risen to the challenge of producing ultra-low emissions boiler stoves so that you will be able reap the benefits of this tried and tested renewables heating solution beyond 2021.

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