Hearth Plates

Hearth Plates


Vlaze Vitreous Enamel Hearth Plates

Vlaze hearth plates have been specifically designed to meet Building Regulations Document J 12mm decorative hearth requirements and thus can be specified for use with any stove which is suitable for installation on a 12mm hearth. They can also be placed on an old constructional hearth to create a perfect easy clean platform for your new stove, even if it is not suitable for a 12mm hearth. Remember that building regulations and the stove manufacturer's safe distances to combustible materials must always be applied, especially at the sides.

Vlaze 12mm deep hearth plates are backed with fire rated insulating board to make them safer and capable of coping with the weight of the stove whilst still being light enough to easily handle (unlike slate). With their soft edges they make an excellent practical alternative to glass, steel, stone or tile and are wipe clean and very low maintenance. When combined with Vlaze heat resistant wall mounted panels or inset surrounds they can make a striking 'one-piece' focal point in your living space very easy to achieve.

There are five standard sizes to choose from which will work with most stoves plus a wide choice of colours. As with all Vlaze vitreous panels, this is just the starting point since Vlaze can offer you a complete made to measure service including your choice of bespoke colours and patterns in their four standard surface finishes. Visit the Vlaze website here for a comprehensive overview of what Vlaze can offer you and then call The Stove Yard for a competitive price as well as advice on specifying your own Vlaze hearth plate.