Nordpeis Orion

Nordpeis Orion

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Nordpeis Orion – Classic Wood-Burning Stove

With its time-honoured design the Orion is stylishly old fashioned – but don't be in any doubt that it is ultimately a very practical wood burner due to its bonus integral hot plate – and it is also Ecodesign Ready too, so it's just about as emissions-friendly as a stove can be. Made in Norway from premium cast iron throughout (72kg of it), the compact functional no frills Scandinavian design has a wide appeal, not only as a charming focal point for traditional styled homes, but also for workshops or off-grid sheds and cabins in need of a rustic stove that not only looks the part but can also be a durable and dependable workhorse.

Apart from the whopping great 2.0kW to 6.8kW heat output range (essential for no or low insulation buildings), once the Orion is up and running you can quickly boil a kettle or bake potatoes on it or even turn it down for slow cooked stews and casseroles – a blessing when there isn't any power. The Orion also features traditional brass handle, cast iron side moulding details and a highly efficient Thermotte® refractory brick lined fire box.

What's really great about the Nordpeis Orion, given that is built to such a high standard in Norway (with a great spares service from Stovax, the UK's biggest stove distributor) and that it also has future-proof clean burning credentials, is its ridiculously low price and the fact that it also comes with a five year warranty. Definitely the best value of its type.