Max Blank Frankfurt

Max Blank Frankfurt


Max Blank Frankfurt Combi Heat Storage Stove

The Ecodesign compliant Frankfurt is a tall and slim, stylish two-sided contemporary wood burning stove that will work equally well against a wall to provide a wonderful 180º view of the tall firebox or set in a corner to save room, perhaps in a high open entrance hall. Either way it will make a striking focal point in any modern living space, even a large room where its 10kW of convected heat (78% efficiency) from burning seasoned logs can really get to work. The tall right-angled self-closing door with its cool-touch door handle and big single-piece window allows easy access to the generous firebox which is set in the middle of the 6ft high structure so that it's going to be, unusually, more-or less at eye level when you're sitting back basking in the Frankfurt's generous heat.

Being a Max Blank 'combi stove it also means that when the special pellet burning ball and kit is added (it takes about 5 minutes to swap over) you will not only also be able to quickly create a beautiful continuous full-height flame pattern quite unlike anything else you've ever seen before, but also achieve a very pleasant 6.4kW of heat output. To see what we mean watch the Max Blank video here or come and see a live demonstration at The Stove Yard's County down showroom. We know you'll be impressed as much as we always are. Using the pellet option, which by the way doesn't require any electrics, expands the stove's practicality for example allowing you to speedily create an impressive trouble-free warming centre-piece for your home on a cool summer's evening or just to simply fire it up when guests arrive.

The top third of the Frankfurt contains approximately 25kg of hidden heat accumulation stone, which stores some of the 10kW heat output and slowly releases it up to seven hours after the stove has gone out. For example, all through the night whilst you're asleep, to keep the ambient temperature of your home that little bit higher overnight and to take the chill off the living space first thing in the morning. The Frankfurt has a 150mm top flue outlet, optional base or rear direct external air inlet for low energy homes (please specify when ordering) and a superior 30mm thick chamotte ceramic brick lined fire chamber for cleaner burning. Virtually all of the highest quality metal components used in the Frankfurt are produced by Max Blank themselves which allows them to provide you with a 10-year guarantee (subject to terms and conditions) and also to confidently claim that their stoves are good to go for at least 25 years – after all they've been making high quality stoves for nearly four decades, so they should know.